Stayin' Alive

Did you know…when an author sells a work to a traditional publishing house, it can be for a specific number of years.  At the end of that contract, rights revert back to the author.

We call these books our ‘backlist.’  Books that would – in pre-internet days – have been out of print.

All that has changed.  Now, authors can ensure that readers have access to all of their out of print titles by making them available on Amazon.

That’s how Deadly Press got its start.  Most books published by Deadly Press were previously published by well-known traditional publishing houses.  Many were national bestsellers.  Some are in their third editions. All have new covers.

But the same well-loved stories are now available to readers worldwide.  You can see what other people have said about each book by reading the reviews on Amazon.  Simply click the links provided on this site.  Happy reading!

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